How Many St. Louis-Area Cops Are Members of "Patriot" Groups?

Late last week, reporters discovered a video of racist anti-government rantings by a St. Louis County police officer working the streets of Ferguson. Media scrutiny quickly focused on the officer's incendiary language and policing methods, but few paused to scrutinize the group to whom he was addressing his comments. » 8/26/14 1:03pm Tuesday 1:03pm

NYPD Harassment Stories: "Stopped for Walking With a Black Guy"

Given the substantial media attention surrounding the recent killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner by law enforcement, it can be hard to remember that not all police officers are bad. But the opposite proves just as true, however unpleasant the reality: not all police officers are good. In fact, a recent study… » 8/26/14 12:35pm Tuesday 12:35pm

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You The O’Bannon Ruling Conflicts With Title IX

I'm already starting to see rumblings out there that the recent ruling by Judge Claudia Wilken (of which I present a broader, preliminary analysis here) is somehow incompatible with the existing obligation of universities to comply with Title IX. That's simply false, and it's important to understand why before that… » 8/21/14 12:41am 8/21/14 12:41am

How Not To Reform The NCAA

There will be no new release of an EA NCAA Football game this year. The man most frequently blamed for this is a former UCLA basketball star named Ed O'Bannon, who had the temerity to sue the NCAA and EA for using his image without asking permission and without negotiating to pay for it. » 8/21/14 12:39am 8/21/14 12:39am

Cop Pens Touching Op-Ed: Do Everything I Say and I Won't Kill You

As images of various police forces dressed in military uniforms attacking citizens in Ferguson, Mo. continue to play out across all of America's screens, the enforcement-industrial complex needs is to showcase its human side. Thankfully, an LAPD cop has written a column telling us that the one way not to get assaulted… » 8/20/14 11:51pm 8/20/14 11:51pm

Here's More Proof the NYPD Is Unfairly Targeting Blacks and Latinos

"This isn't a race issue." That's the most common response I've gotten in the past three weeks when talking about police brutality. And while that is partially true —this isn't just a racial issue—blacks and Latinos do face a greater threat from the police force here in New York City. That the most recent… » 8/04/14 7:00pm 8/04/14 7:00pm

Here Is a List of Wars That Started Over Major Horseshit

Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson launched strikes against North Vietnam for attacking U.S. warships without provocation in the Tonkin Gulf. Six days later, Congress passed a "Gulf of Tonkin resolution" giving Johnson carte blanche to make war in Vietnam. It was a thin pretext for protracted conflict. » 8/04/14 6:56pm 8/04/14 6:56pm

Distracted White People Mistakenly Vote for Slavery Reparations

Dallas County, population 2.5 million, now officially stands for "monetary and substantial reparations" for black Americans' suffering, after the County Commission summarily approved a resolution by its only black member that the white commissioners never bothered to read. » 6/19/14 12:07pm 6/19/14 12:07pm

Two 12-Year-Olds Allegedly Stabbed Third to Please Mythological Creature

Prosecutors are saying that two twelve-year-old girls from Waukesha, Wisconsin stabbed their friend nearly to death as a way to "please a mythological creature they learned about online." Both girls have been charged with first-degree attempted homicide and will stand trial as adults. » 6/03/14 12:50am 6/03/14 12:50am