On The Walking Dead, Some Naïve People Finally Learn the Zombie Apocalypse Is Actually a Major Bummer

With the origin of Morgan: Peace Warrior safely behind us, The Walking Dead returns to Alexandria, where the blood hasn’t quite dried, the corpses haven’t turned, and the residents suddenly discover that life in the zombie apocalypse is actually not that easy. And then Rick Grimes arrives to make everything worse. »11/09/15 1:22pm11/09/15 1:22pm


Mike Huckabee Will Not Be Apologizing for That Racist Tweet, Why Do You Ask

Former Arkansas Governor and current contender for grouchiest Cabbage Patch Doll Mike Huckabee spent last night’s Democratic debate on a tear, tweeting rather unreservedly about the issues. It was eye-opening, at least for anyone not already aware of his penchant for terrible metaphors. »10/14/15 12:56pm10/14/15 12:56pm

Taste Roger Goodell's Wrath With Our NFL Punishment Generator


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a ruddy incompetent who draws out decisions on punishing league employees in order to soak up the most positive attention he can. Until now, fans have only been to take part in this experience as third parties. Thanks to the NFL Punishment Generator, though, you too can answer a… »10/12/15 11:18pm10/12/15 11:18pm

Farewell, Wes Craven, and Thank You For All the Nightmares

Legendary director Wes Craven died yesterday at the age of 76. His name became synonymous with horror, thanks to films like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Last House on the Left, and the Scream series—a most unexpected career for a man who didn’t even see his first movie until he was in college. »8/31/15 9:54pm8/31/15 9:54pm

Here's What's Missing From Straight Outta Compton: Me and the Other Women Dr. Dre Beat Up

On January 27, 1991, at a record-release party for the rap duo Bytches With Problems in Hollywood, producer/rapper/then-N.W.A. member Dr. Dre brutally attacked Dee Barnes, the host of a well-known Fox show about hip-hop called Pump It Up! Dre was reportedly angry about a Pump It Up! segment hosted by Barnes that aired… »8/19/15 12:24am8/19/15 12:24am

Adam Sandler Has Never Ruined A Movie As Much As He Ruins Pixels

We’ve suspected that Pixels would be an almighty disaster ever since we saw the first trailer, but it’s actually worse than we feared. Director Chris Columbus is clearly trying to create another great fantasy adventure, but he’s hamstrung by a short-sighted script. And Adam Sandler’s painful performance. »7/27/15 6:16pm7/27/15 6:16pm

It also (possibly) explains an equally common phenomenon: the genuinely very skilled often radically underestimate their ability because a) Their ability means they understand the vastness of what they don’t know and b) They don’t realise that what they find easy, others do not. »7/26/15 11:07pm7/26/15 11:07pm

Vox Quietly Deleted the Slut-Shaming From Your Dad's Taylor Swift Review

Vox sent your dad to review a Taylor Swift concert. Did you know that that pop music makes him feel insecure? I hope the world doesn’t spin off its axis. Unfortunately, your dad did not just write about his fluctuating testosterone levels in his review. He also said that Miley Cyrus and Madonna don’t value themselves… »7/22/15 5:53pm7/22/15 5:53pm

Taylor Swift Is Not Your Friend

Heidi Klum struts down a runway and for a moment the stretch appears to ominously resemble a gang plank. At the end of Klum’s long walk waits a tall, thin woman with gleaming white teeth, giddily anticipating a grabby, waist-level embrace between them. Klum, a seasoned runway model, side-steps to the music once or… »7/22/15 5:47pm7/22/15 5:47pm

Do You Live in a "Bitch" or a "Fuck" State? American Curses, Mapped

Americans love to curse, no fucking question. Fuck this, fuck that, bitchass motherfucking cuntsucker jerk titslut, etc., etc. The question is, which of these bad-boy words are favored where? Who says “fuck” the most? Who says “asshole” the least? Is there a “shit” belt? (As it turns out, yes: From New York City down… »7/18/15 1:02am7/18/15 1:02am

Therapy Dog Gets License Revoked Because He Dresses Like a Biker

It’s not just teenage girls who have to deal with dress code shaming, dogs do too. A 5-year-old Boston terrier named Chopper the Biker Dog who goes around visiting hospitals and senior centers on his mini motorcycle had his therapy dog license revoked because of his outfit. Chopper’s usual attire consists of a leather… »6/05/15 11:24am6/05/15 11:24am