On Miley Cyrus, Ratchet Culture and Accessorizing With Black People

A lesson from Miley Cyrus's new video: If you want to look "cool" and "edgy" and "tough," just steal the styles and dance moves of black people. » 9/18/14 6:43pm Today 6:43pm

Downtown Manhattan's Most Fascinating Building Is On Its Way Out

The photographer Jay Maisel has owned the enormous property at 190 Bowery since 1966, and in the years since then—as the Bowery transformed from a grimy haven for the downtrodden to a still-kinda-grimy strip of museums and boutique hotels—it stood stoic, a graffiti-covered monument to The Way it Used to Be. Now, it's… » 9/18/14 1:45am Today 1:45am

Giant Buffalo Wedding Brawl Took Seven Police Departments to Break Up

A country club wedding in a Buffalo suburb devolved into an enormous melee that required police officers from seven different agencies to respond, the Buffalo News reports. Hours after the happy couple exchanged their vows, one witness told the newspaper, family members were screaming that they hated each other,… » 9/18/14 12:11am Today 12:11am

The Email Urban Outfitters Sent Staffers After Sweatshirt Fiasco

Urban Outfitters CEO Dick Hayne explained away the company's decision to sell what appeared to be a blood-splattered Kent State sweatshirt by saying that it was merely an honest mistake. Hayne maintained that position in an internal email sent to employees yesterday, but chose not to address any underlying problems… » 9/17/14 6:42pm Yesterday 6:42pm

"The Equalizer" is a new gangster movie set in Boston. "Boston is a city of venerable neighborhoods, rich cultural history and academic distinction... So how did the meditative crime drama become the most consistent motif for Boston in the movies?" Probably because of boring wack people. » 9/17/14 6:40pm Yesterday 6:40pm

Please God No More Boston Gangster Movies

Today, in movie news, we learn that Johnny Depp will be playing the role of notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger in an upcoming film based on Bulger's life. This should not be confused with the other Whitey Bulger Boston gangster movie that Ben Affleck will be making after he makes a movie based on a Dennis Lehane… » 9/17/14 6:31pm Yesterday 6:31pm

Many People Are Killing With Rented Guns at Shooting Ranges

In 2009, Marie Moore, pictured above, took her son Mitchell to a Florida shooting range and rented some guns. While Mitchell lined up, Marie killed him with a single shot to the head, then shot herself. She'd had a history of mental illness. She's one of many such Americans who have killed with rented firearms. » 9/17/14 5:26pm Yesterday 5:26pm

Teens Charged With Murder After Woman Guns Down Intruder in ICP Mask

An Ohio woman shot and killed a local teen on Sunday after he and three other teenagers were allegedly caught trespassing in her home at 4 a.m. At the time of the shooting, the teen was reportedly wearing an Insane Clown Posse mask and standing over the bed of her son holding a knife. Police later discovered that the… » 9/17/14 3:15pm Yesterday 3:15pm

The LA School District Has Grenade Launchers

In all the hullabaloo over the past few days about the San Diego School District's new MRAP, we missed the most wonderful news of all. Not only is the Los Angeles Unified School District getting an MRAP, too, they also casually disclosed that they've had three grenade launchers since 2001. » 9/16/14 10:48pm Tuesday 10:48pm

NYPD Harassment Stories: Feeling Helpless When an Officer Hits on You

Amid the police terror that has swept the nation these last few months, there has been a missing facet from the conversation: the fact that women are brutalized by cops just as severely as men. For every John Crawford and Jahmil-El Cuffee there is an Ersula Ore or a Marlene Pinnock (you can view the footage of… » 9/16/14 10:10pm Tuesday 10:10pm

Chelsea Manning Breaks Silence to Criticize U.S. Airstrikes on ISIS

Chelsea Manning, the U.S. soldier currently serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking government documents to WikiLeaks, wrote a column for The Guardian criticizing Obama's approach to ISIS. "Based on my experience as an all-source analyst in Iraq during the organization's relative infancy, ISIS cannot be defeated… » 9/16/14 2:05pm Tuesday 2:05pm

U.S. to Send up to 3,000 Troops to Africa to Combat Spreading Ebola

President Obama is expected to announced today a serious expansion of the American military and healthcare presence in Africa to combat the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. Up to 3,000 troops could be dispatched to the country to build treatment centers, train healthcare workers, and set up a military command… » 9/16/14 12:51pm Tuesday 12:51pm